Integrative Aromatic Botanical Venture

Scott Goyne with USAID in Morocco

Scott Goyne of Integrative Aromatic Botanical Venture (IABV) returned to Rabat, Morocco in April, 2006. He was contracted to plan, direct and execute a project designed to advance the essential oil distillation industry for small scale producers in rural regions of Morocco.

This project is a direct result of a collaboration started during the stakeholder engagement phase of the Medicinal and Aromatic Plant (MAP) sector workshop titled, “Valorization of MAPs – Higher Quality and New Markets” held in Fez, Morocco in fall 2005.

The project was funded by USAID with special cooperation from AED and AP3. The goal is to create desirable future scenarios for the MAP sector in Morocco. In this case, the plan was to provide a technology transfer to economically disadvantaged regions and increase the international market for, and thereby, the economic value of their goods.

The project begins in Rabat training Moroccan fabricators in the construction of economical distillation units that produce high quality essential oils. The value of bulk essential oil varies with the quality, and making high quality essential oils requires quality plants, good equipment and expert technique. Three days of workshops were held to focus on techniques essential oil distillation and sustainable harvesting techniques.

Mr. Goyne designed the distillation unit with efficiency and quality of production in mind. The design is fabricated from generally available materials and sourced in Morocco. By training these engineers and metal fabricating specialist on concepts specific to distillation units designed for therapeutic grade essential oil extraction, Scott works as a facilitator and educator, passing on knowledge that will continue to impact the community long after the international program is exhausted. Amazingly, the projected was completed in a very aggressive four week time frame.

The fabrication and workshop programs were conducted at the Institut Agronomique et Veterinaire Hassan II in Rabat. Three days of workshops were held on distillation unit fabrication and construction, high quality essential oil extraction methods, proper sustainable wildcrafting and analysis of the market for organic and high quality essential oils.

AP3/AED/USAID Team consisted of Aboubakr, Nezhaa, Faoud.

A distillation unit made from the venture was give to the Co-operative in Jerrada. The Jeradda group works closely with the department of Forestry manging the sustainable harvest of rosemary.

In his work with USAID in Morocco, Mr. Goyne provided consultation on steam distillation unit design, remote machine fabrication, essential oil distillation techniques, sustainable harvest methods, organic standards and operational training. He was there to oversee the design, instillation and initial operation of the new distillation unit. Scott emphasized empowering the local engineers and co-op members by providing the information, training and hands on experience necessary to continue the work they have started together. Not only do these people have a new distillation unit capable of producing high quality essential oil, the have the necessary tools to built more units should they find an opportunity to expand.

The comissioning of the still for operation took place on April 25, 2006 with media and local stakeholders in attendance.

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